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Acoustic plasterboard is designed to provide greater acoustic performance than regular plasterboard. In fact, acoustic boards are’t manufactured to be thicker but simply denser. This improvement comes from the higher density gypsum based core. Sound board is also blue in colour. This is because of the properties infused into the gypsum during the manufacturing process and the colour of the paper lines used to differentiate it from other types of plasterboard which have different properties. Blue plasterboard is approximately 30% heavier than standard wallboard, allowing for a noise reduction of between 30-50 decibels(dB). This soundshield board has a higher mass than standard plasterboard and it is this mass that assists in the reduction of airborne sound transferring from room to room by blocking sound energy. This gives enhanced sound insulation to walls and ceilings. Noise reducing plasterboard can easily control noise disturbance caused by television, loud home sound systems or just general everyday life. It can be used on a party wall ( shared wall in terraced house) to help soundproof the wall from noisy neighbours. Since it handles in the same way as regular plasterboard, it can be easily decorated with plaster finish, paints, wallpapers or any colour you like. Acoustic plasterboard reduces noise markedly, by up to 50 decibels. Even though this plasterboard costs more than normal plasterboard, it is worth buying if you are concerned about noise levels from neighbours or would just like the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will be able to sleep quietly.


Sound absorbing plasterboard is a very popular option in places where there are many bedrooms such as hotels, hostels and halls of residence for students, as the noises are dampened and this allows everyone to get more and better sleep than they otherwise might without the acoustic plasterboard being in place. In older properties, it is ideal as a ceiling between flats or as a wall lining for party walls. For any type of project, it is used to control excessive noise from rooms such as home cinemas, music rooms or music studios. This makes it a very popular building material for lodges and hospitals where many people are sleeping and need peace in order to do so. It can make a real difference to the quality of life in houses of multiple occupation, student accommodation where there is likely to be the sound transfer of a lot of noise, such as snoring or noisy neighbours. Soundproof tapered edge plasterboard can also be used for ceilings in order to reduce noise from above. This can be handy when in flats with upstairs neighbours who may be quite heavy-footed or who may not have much floor insulation in their rooms, leading to every noise becoming an aggravation. Acoustic plasterboard can be installed in exactly the same way as normal plasterboard, by using adhesives or screws.  It can also be applied directly using Plasterboard Adhesive.


A single layer of acoustic plasterboard will reduce noise by around 45dB as long as you seal all the gaps. A busy restaurant would have a noise level of about 70dB. If you added an extra layer of plasterboard and maybe soundproof foam between it, then almost no noise should get through. A standard stud wall built properly and consisting of 2 sheets of acoustic boards with an air cavity from 5 to 6 inches thick, is good enough to make the wall fully soundproofed. 


Soundproof plasterboard is exactly the same thickness as normal plasterboard, despite the extra density, so the blue boards can be mixed and matched interchangeably, depending on what your requirements are for the area that you are working on. Acoustic plasterboard can be found as thin as 12.5mm. Either 12.5mm or 15mm is supplied with a tapered or square edge depending on the manufacturer. Our range of acoustic plasterboard features products from industry-leading manufacturers such as British Gypsum, Knauf or Siniat.

Acoustic plasterboard comes in exactly the same thicknesses as normal plasterboard so can be used alongside it without a problem. Available sizes are:

  • 12.5mm x 1200mm x 1200mm (1.44 sqm) HALF SIZE 4’x4’
  • 12.5mm x 2400mm x 1200mm (2.88 sqm) FULL SIZE 8’x4’ 
  • 12.5mm x 3000mm x 1200mm (3.60 sqm) LONG SIZE 10’x4’ 


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Brand: Knauf® Model: 12.5mm Blue Plasterboard
12.5mm Knauf Sound Panel Acoustic Plasterboard Sound Shield is an enhanced special gypsum tuned core acoustic plasterboard that greatly reduces any noise impact in adjacent rooms, flats, acoustic partition walls or properties. Knauf Sound Shield Tapered Edge Plasterboard with a Blue Paper Face ha..
  • Acoustic Performance
  • Tuned Core Plasterboard
  • High-Mass Plasterboard
  • Plasterboard with a Blue Paper Face
  • Heavier than the standard plasterboards
£ 23.57
Ex Tax:£ 19.64
Estimated delivery: 2-3 working days
Brand: Isomass Model: Isocheck Isowave 23
22.5mm Isowave 23 Acoustic Wall, Floor and Ceiling Plasterboard is used for soundproofing and to construct or upgrade separating and external walls for conversions and refurbishment projects. The Isocheck Isowave 23 system (1197mm x 597mm x 22.5mm) is designed for the treatment of excessive flank..
  • 22.5mm Isowave 23 Acoustic Walls, Floors and Ceilings Plasterboard
  • Used for soundproofing and to construct or upgrade and separating
  • Isowave 23 is suitable for conversions and refurbishment projects
  • Isocheck Isowave 23 Acoustic Board (1197mm x 597mm x 22.5mm)
  • Designed for the treatment of excessive flanking sound that bypasses a separating floor
£ 29.88
Ex Tax:£ 24.90
Estimated delivery: 3-5 working days
Brand: Knauf® Model: 15mm Blue Plasterboard
15mm Sound Shield Acoustic Plasterboard Sound Panel Knauf is a high density enhanced gypsum tuned core acoustic tapered edge plasterboard that greatly reduces any noise impact in adjacent rooms, flats, acoustic partition walls or properties. Knauf Acoustic Plasterboard with a Blue Paper Face has ..
  • Acoustic Performance
  • Tuned Core Plasterboard
  • High-Mass Plasterboard
  • Plasterboard with a Blue Paper Face
  • Heavier than the standard plasterboards
£ 26.21
Ex Tax:£ 21.84
Estimated delivery: 2-3 working days
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