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Insulation density explanation

The density refers to the weight per unit volume of a material and is measured in kg/m3. A high density material maximises the overall weight and is an aspect of 'low' thermal diffusivity and 'high' thermal mass.Higher temperatures lead to higher thermal conductivities and the lower is the material density, the higher is the thermal conductivity.

Density  has an effect mainly on mechanical properties of an insulation material.insulation density scale

The effect of density on product properties varies from one insulation material to another and this is as well valid even within the group of different mineral wool insulation materials (Glasswool, Stone Wool, ULTIMATE). Therefore it is not useful to compare different materials just by their density.

Density can be calculated using the formula:

d = m ÷ v     

d = density,

m = mass,

v = volume

   The greater the density, the more mass per unit volume.