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Impact plasterboard goes by many names such as 'security panel' or 'impact panel' that is a specially toughened wallboard with greater than the standard resistance to mechanical damage - scratches, dents. Made from gypsum reinforced with wood fibre, it is stronger and harder than other plasterboards giving greater impact and pull out resistances. It is used in areas of high footfall such as schools, hospital, hallways, playrooms, offices and places with high levels of wear and tear and potential impact damage.
Board durability, strength and load bearing capacity are improved by its high density and the inclusion of various additives. In fact they are able to support weights of up to 15kg per fixing and are installed in the same way as standard plasterboard. A good quality impact plasterboards should be impact rated in accordance with BS 5234: Part 2: 1992 Annexes B, C, D and E.


Impact plasterboards come in blue colour either in standard length 2400mm or 3000mmm extended version. Its density is approx. 278kg/m3 higher than standard wallboard. Panels available sizes are 12.5mm or 15mm and are widely associated with brands such as Knauf (impact panel) or British Gypsum (Gyproc Rigidur H) or Knauf (Knauf Performance Plus). Its price often depends on the supplier location near your project. As of 2022 the average cost of impact resistance plasterboard is £25.80 per 8x4 size board which results in £8.96 per m2.  


  • Corridors, 
  • Schools, 
  • Hospitals, 
  • Offices,
  • Residential properties, 
  • Hallways, 
  • Playrooms, 
  • Cinemas,
  • Racking board.

Brand: Siniat Model: 12.5mm Siniat Weather Defence™
Siniat Weather Defence External Sheathing Board 12.5mm x 1200mm x 2400mm is a strong, moisture resistant A1 non-combustible exterior sheathing board faced with water repellent material that is compliant for structures above 18m in height. Weather Defence™ is a revolutionary facade external sheath..
  • 12.5mm Siniat GTEC Weather Defence™
  • Class ‘0’ to UK Building Regulations
  • A1 Non-combustible material (Fire Rated)
  • 2400mm x 1200mm External Sheathing Board
  • Revolutionary façade external sheathing board
£ 71.88
Ex Tax:£ 59.90
Estimated delivery: 3-5 working days
Brand: Siniat Model: 12.5mm Siniat Weather Defence™
12.5mm Siniat Weather Defence™ (A1 Non-combustible) 3000mm x 1200mm is an External Sheathing Board used for external sheathing applications in steel or timber frame construction with rainscreen, insulated render, brick or block facade systems. Weather Defence Siniat is a revolutionary facade exte..
  • 12.5mm Siniat GTEC Weather Defence™
  • Siniat Façade Board Class ‘0’ to UK Building Regulations
  • Fire classification: A1 Non-combustible (Fire Rated Board)
  • 3000mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm External Sheathing Board
  • Strong, compliant for structures above 18m in height
£ 95.88
Ex Tax:£ 79.90
Estimated delivery: 2-3 working days
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