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Siniat is the UK’s 3rd largest plasterboard brand. Siniat manufactures drywall products and systems for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing purposes. Products are used by first time DIYers and small builders through to some of the most acclaimed architects and construction companies. In 2014, company launched Weather Defence, a plasterboard used as an external sheathing board which has been transforming the construction techniques of large scale projects. However, Siniat manufactures drywall products and systems for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing purposes. Being one of the leading manufacturers of interior and exterior materials for drywall construction, forms part of the 60-brand strong, industrial group Etex. This collaboration of proven brands provides us with a resource of exceptional experience and knowledge in the field of construction. Company also develop products and systems that help make your building warmer, dryer, quieter and safer to work and live in. Extensive range of boards and metal frame systems combine to create tailored, high performance cost effective solutions for any type of building construction. Moreover, Siniat offer documentation library that will provide you with all the supporting certificates, technical and safety datasheets, How-To Guides and other sources of useful information to support you throughout the complete specification, design and build process.

Their products and solutions provide new opportunities for innovative specifications in schools, hospitals and other commercial projects. Through customer insights, they also help the sector to cut wastage, improve manual handling, speed up installation times and deliver projects which are sustainable and address lifetime cost.



siniat weather defence boardWeather Defence™ is a strong, highly moisture resistant and A1 non combustible sheathing board, faced with water repellent material for superior weather protection. Weather Defence is a faster way to a weather tight building compared to traditional sheathing board products. It complies with BS EN 15283 Type GM-H1, GM-I and GM-F.


siniat standard boardGTEC Standard Board is a gypsum board for partitions, linings and ceilings where normal fire, structural and acoustic levels are specified. It is available with square or tapered edges in a variety of sizes. Tapered edge boards for taping and jointing to achieve a flush finish or for a single coat gypsum plaster finish. Square edge boards for textured finishes or undecorated applications as well as being suitable to receive gypsum plaster.


siniat securtex boardSiniat securtex board is a strong, dense plasterboard with integrated mesh for use in areas where high levels of sound insulation and burglar attack resistance are critical. It is suitable for multi-residential use, student accommodation, hotels, education and healthcare facilities, and social housing.


siniat moisture boardGTEC Moisture Board is a plasterboard with water resistant additives in the core and liner to provide protection in humid areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.



siniat ladura boardSiniat LaDura board is a gypsum hard board (GHB) designed for durability in busy, high traffic areas which are intensively used, or prone to abnormal or rough use including schools, hospitals and hotel corridors. In fact, LaDura is an alternative to a traditional gypsum fibreboard. It is made from gypsum reinforced with wood fibre, it is stronger and harder than other plasterboards giving greater impact and pull out resistance. The board combines fire, moisture and impact resistance and provides a superior finish to gypsum fibreboards.


siniat vapour boardSiniat Gtec vapour board is a general-purpose dry lining board suitable for applications where a dry lining board with vapour resistance is required. The GTEC vapour board has the same physical property as the standard board, but has a silver, metallized polyester film back liner which enhances the vapour resistance of the product. GTEC Vapour can be jointed and finished with GTEC Jointing Systems. The boards must be primed with GTEC Universal Sealer prior to being decorated.


siniat thermal pir boardSiniat GTEC Thermal PIR Board (12.5 mm plasterboard, bonded to polyisocyanurate foam PIR) is a insulated dry lining board laminate with enhanced thermal insulation used to provide high levels of improvement to thermal insulation in wall lining and roof applications.  An additional vapour control layer reduces the risk of condensation. GTEC Thermal PIR Boards are suitable for a wide range of conversion or refurbishment projects that require a significant upgrade in thermal performance.


siniat k boardSiniat Gtec Thermal K board is an insulated dry lining board suitable for use as a dry lining board laminate with significantly improved thermal insulation, it also has improved fire safety and improved moisture vapour resistance.


siniat fire mr boardSiniat GTEC Fire MR Board is a moisture-resistant, fire-rated plasterboard suitable for use in areas where increased fire resistance is required, and moisture exposure is possible. GTEC Fire MR Board plasterboard provides superior fire and moisture resistance for stud partitions, wall lining and ceiling systems. Achieve 60 minutes fire resistance from a 15mm single layer partition system. It complies with BS1230 Type 5 and BS EN 520 Types D, F and H1.


siniat fire core boardSiniat GTEC Fire Core Board is a fire-resistant, high-strength board, suitable for the GTEC Shaftwall systems and for fire protection. It is also suitable for use in areas where there is moisture present. The board is thicker, stronger, harder and heavier than standard plasterboards, and has superior fire resistance, sound insulation and impact resistance.


siniat e boardSiniat GTEC E Board is a dense plasterboard for use in areas where sound insulation is critical. It can be used for party wall type 4 of Building Regulations Approved Document E, for all ceiling treatment types A, B or C of Approved Document E, and internal partition types A and B. Also, for all refurbishment solutions with plasterboard proposed in Approved Document E.


siniat fire boardSiniat fire board is a high performance fire board for use in areas where improved fire resistance is required. It achieve 60 minutes fire resistance from a 15mm single layer partition system. It complies with BS1230 Type 5 and BS EN 520 Types D and F.


siniat dB boardSiniat dB board is a dense sound insulation board suitable for installation with stud partitions, lining systems and ceilings. It can cut-out noise up to 49 Rw dB when using a single layer of 15 mm each side of a partition system. The board is stronger, harder and heavier than standard plasterboard and complies with BS EN 520:2004+A1:2009 Type D and I.


siniat blueclad boardSiniat Bluclad is a cement fibre board suitable for external sheathing, direct render and other textured finishes. The board has outstanding dimensional stability, making it suitable as a substrate for a variety of thin-coat polymeric renders. Bluclad is available in a standard 10 mm thickness, and has a textured surface for rendering.


siniat promatect boardSiniat Promatect-XW is a high performance fire protection board used to protect structural steel for 60 minutes and has been extensively installed by both dry lining contractors and fire protection specialists since its launch in 2020. The board used to provide one, two, three or four sided encasements to:

  • Universal columns and beams (I or H sections) and joists;
  • Beams supporting composite floors with profiled metal decking;
  • Structural hollow sections;
  • Partially exposed members;
  • Perimeter beams;
  • Lattice beams;
  • Wind posts;
  • Bracing.

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Brand: Siniat Model: 12.5mm Siniat Weather Defence™
Siniat Weather Defence External Sheathing Board 12.5mm x 1200mm x 2400mm is a strong, moisture resistant A1 non-combustible exterior sheathing board faced with water repellent material that is compliant for structures above 18m in height. Weather Defence™ is a revolutionary facade external sheath..
  • 12.5mm Siniat GTEC Weather Defence™
  • Class ‘0’ to UK Building Regulations
  • A1 Non-combustible material (Fire Rated)
  • 2400mm x 1200mm External Sheathing Board
  • Revolutionary façade external sheathing board
£ 71.88
Ex VAT:£ 59.90
Estimated delivery: 3-5 working days
Brand: Siniat Model: 12.5mm Siniat Weather Defence™
12.5mm Siniat Weather Defence™ (A1 Non-combustible) 3000mm x 1200mm is an External Sheathing Board used for external sheathing applications in steel or timber frame construction with rainscreen, insulated render, brick or block facade systems. Weather Defence Siniat is a revolutionary facade exte..
  • 12.5mm Siniat GTEC Weather Defence™
  • Siniat Façade Board Class ‘0’ to UK Building Regulations
  • Fire classification: A1 Non-combustible (Fire Rated Board)
  • 3000mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm External Sheathing Board
  • Strong, compliant for structures above 18m in height
£ 95.88
Ex VAT:£ 79.90
Estimated delivery: 2-3 working days
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