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Why install insulation in an attic?


A significant amount of heat is lost through the roof, which makes the attic an important area to insulate. Attic insulation works like a cap – it traps the heat inside, increasing comfort and efficiency and serving as the first line of defense when protecting against outdoor weather and temperatures.

Before beginning an attic installation job, it’s important to check your current insulation. When checking insulation in a previously insulated space, use a yardstick to check the depth. The average home needs up to 19 inches of fiberglass insulation in the attic for maximum energy efficiency.

If the space requires additional insulation, an easy fix is to place insulation batts  or rolls in the attic’s floor joists, on top of any existing insulation.

The most important areas of your home to insulate are your attic and walls. These are the areas that are most susceptible to heat loss, which leads to higher energy bills. You can also insulate your water heater and wrap your hot water pipes with tubular insulation to  prevent energy loss and freezing during the winter months.