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200mm Cellcore HG 30/40 Ground Heave Protection EPS

200mm Cellcore HG 30/40 Ground Heave Protection EPS for concrete thickness up to 1140mm
CELLCORE 160mm HX S 32/42
200mm Cellcore HG 30/40 Ground Heave Protection EPS
  • 200mm Cellcore HG Grade 30/40
  • Lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • HG 30/40 for concrete thickness up to 1140mm
  • Under Floor Slabs, Ground Beams and Pile Caps
  • Safe load is 30 kN/m2 and Fail load is 40 kN/m2
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  • Brand: Cordek®
  • Model: 200mm HG Grade 30/40
  • Dimensions: 2,400mm x 1,200mm x 200mm
  • SKU: 30/40 max concrete depth 1140mm
  • Product code: P1-2229
  • MPN: 200mm Cellcore HG 30/40

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200mm Cellcore HG Grade 30/40 Ground Heave Protection EPS is a lightweight insulation board used in ground heave applications where the specification of the project mean that the standard Cellcore HX S Under Slab and Cellcore HX B Under Beam products are not suitable.

Cellcore HG 30/40 Structural Fill Solution is calculated and calibrated for concrete thickness up to 1140mm to provide protection against vertical heave under floor slabs, ground beams and pile caps.

200mm Cordek Cellcore HG is available in 3 special grades: 30/40, 40/50 and 50/65 to suit most commonly encountered combinations of soil heave potential and concrete depth from 900mm up to 1940mm!

One of great things about Cordek Cellcore HG is its very simple to work with and doesn't have much dust off when cut on site.

Grade 30/40 means that safe load is 30 kN/m2 and fail load is 40 kN/m2 (kilonewtons per m2).

Safe load is a maximum safe force that a HG material offers without fear of breaking.

Fail load is not safe force and will cause permanent deformation of the product.

Shrinkage category of 200mm Cellcore HG is classified as medium with 20-40 plasticity index.


Key points:

 · Suitable for use beneath deep slabs, ground beams and pile caps up to 1940mm in depth.

 · Reduces the upward force transmitted to the structure from ground heave.

 · Wide range of thicknesses available: 100mm, 200mm and 300mm.

 · Wide range of grades: 30/40, 40/50 and 50/65 to suit most applications.

 · Cellcore HG grade 30/40 for concrete thickness from 900mm up to 1140mm.

 · Cellcore HG grade 40/50 for concrete thickness from 1140mm up to 1540mm.

 · Cellcore HG grade 50/65 for concrete thickness from 1540mm up to 1940mm.

 · HG is suitable for concrete depth from 900mm up to 1940mm!

 · Moulded production for enhanced and consistent performance.

 · Meets the NHBC’s Technical Standards.

 · Patented Product Technology.

 · BBA certified.



The procedure for installing Cellcore HG panels is straightforward.

Please ensure that Cellcore HG boards are placed upon a suitable firm and level surface. 

Typically a layer of concrete blinding beneath the panels is recommended.

The lightweight but durable panels can be easily laid by one person. 

Where they are required to be cut this can be carried out using a fine tooth saw or hot wire cutter.


Storage and Handling:

All products are delivered in a polythene wrapping and are clearly labelled. 

Both packs of Cellcore HG and individual panels can be manually handled and offloaded upon delivery, taking in to account any site specific manual handling regulations.

No further storage requirements are needed as the product is unaffected by both UV light and water.


*Further information may be found in our Downloads section.

Fairly easy access to all PDF files.

Datasheet ǀ Declaration of Performance - DoP ǀ BBA Certificate ǀ Installation Guide ǀ Certificates ǀ Brochure ǀ SPEC Sheet 


*Special Product - Non returnable cancelable.

Board covarage 2.88 m2
Length 2400mm
Material (EPS) Expanded Polystyrene
Thickness 200mm
Width 1200mm
Grade 30/40
Applications Under floor slabs ǀ Ground beams ǀ Pile caps
BBA Certified Yes
Maximum depth of concrete 1140mm
Features Durable ǀ 4th Generation ǀ Minimize wastage
Safe load 30 kN/m2
Shrinkage Category Medium
Manufacturer Cordek Cellcore HG®
Plasticity Index 20-40
Fail load 40 kN/m2

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What is 200mm Cellcore HG?

Cellcore HG is a lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation board designed for use in ground heave protection applications where the specification of the project mean that the standard Cellcore HX S Under Floor Slabs and Cellcore HX B Under Ground Beams products are not suitable.


Can I use Cellcore HG for concrete less then 900mm in thickness?  

Yes, it is still possible but Cellcore HG is a type of collapsible void former designed for concrete thickness from 900mm up to 1140mm. Please refer to HX S Under slab grade 24/32 designed for concrete depth between 660mm and 900mm. 


How to understand  the differences between grades?

Grades are specially calculated and calibrated for deformation of EPS under loading.

30/40 grade | 30 means 30 kN/m2 (safe load) | 40 means 40 kN/m2 (failure load)

40/50 grade 40 means 40 kN/m2 (safe load)  | 50 means 50 kN/m2 (failure load)

50/65 grade  | 50 means 50kN/m2 (safe load)  | 65 means 65 kN/m2 (failure load)


What HG under slab safe load means?

HG Safe Load simply means safe force that a HG material offers without fear of breaking - Normal Working Load (NWL)

30 means 30 kN/m2 (safe load) – kilonewtons per m2 

40 means 40 kN/m2 (safe load) – kilonewtons per m2

50 means 50 kN/m2 (safe load) – kilonewtons per m2


What HG under slab failure load means?

It means the load at which the under slab will fail (permanent deformation).

40 means 40 kN/m2 (failure load) – kilonewtons per m2

50 means 50 kN/m2 (failure load) – kilonewtons per m2

65 means 65 kN/m2 (failure load) – kilonewtons per m2


Is it complicated is to work with 200mm HG Under Slab?

NO, is not. One of great things about 200mm HG Under Slab is its very simple to work with and doesn't have much dust off when cut on site.


What is the 200mm HG Under Slab shrinkage category?

Shrinkage category of 200mm HG under slab is classified as MEDIUM.


What is 200mm HG Under Slab plasticity index?

200HG Under Slab Plasticity index is 20-40.


What is the standard size of 200mm HG Under Slab?

HG Under Slab dimensions are:

2,400mm x 1,200mm (8’x4’)


What is the maximum depth of concrete dedicated for 200mm HG Under Slab?

Grades are specially calculated to withstand the load of concrete as per below: 

30/40 - from 0mm up to 1140mm concrete thickness

40/50 - from 1140mm up to 1540mm concrete thickness

50/65 - from 1540mm up to 1940mm concrete thickness


Why knowing Cellcore grades is so important?

Each grade has adequate strength to support a specified depth of wet concrete during construction and will collapse under its specified fail-load, limiting the upward presssures experienced periods od clay heave.


How to install 200mm HG Under Slab?

The procedure for installing Cellcore panels is straightforward. Cellcore panels should be placed upon a suitable firm and level surface.

Typically a layer of concrete blinding beneath the panels is recommended.

Panels can be easily laid by one person.


How do cut 200mm HG Under Slab?

Cut can be carried out using a fine tooth saw or hot wire cutter.


How can I joint Cellcore HG Under Slab boards?

Individual panels should be butted together, with taping of the joints using the formwork tape to avoid any grout loss between the panels.

Formwork sealing tape, typically 50mm wide is used to seal the joints between adjacent panels. Tape should be used to tape the joints to stop the ingress of concrete slurry weeping down between the panels and cousing a dead spot.


Is Cellcore 200mm HG Under Slab BBA Certified?

Yes, 200mm HG Under Slab has BBA Certificate.


Do I need Damp Proof Membrane for Cellcore HG?

Yes, damp proof membrane should be used on top of the slap and underneath the screed.


Can I walk on 200mm HG Under Slab ?

Yes, 200mm HG is made of moulded collection cellular legs with 10mm twin fluted polypropylene top which is strong enough to actually walk on during placement of base spaces and reinforcement.


How to recognize grades on HG boards?

It is very easy. Each grade has own color code.

They are labeled to easily find on site which grade goes in which area.


Can I use HG Under Slab to insulate building?

No, if you are considering insulating your building then you should consider looking at this product which is cell called HX Plus.





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200mm Cellcore HG 30/40 Ground Heave Protection EPS for concrete thickness up to 1140mm
200mm Cellcore HG 30/40 Ground Heave Protection EPS
£ 203.86