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10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Fibre Cement Board ǀ Dark Oak CL105

10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Weatherboard Wood Effect Finish - Dark Oak CL105
10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Weatherboard Wood Effect Finish - Dark Oak CL105
10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Weatherboard Wood Effect Finish - Dark Oak CL105
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10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Weatherboard Wood Effect Finish - Dark Oak CL105
10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Weatherboard Wood Effect Finish - Dark Oak CL105
10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Weatherboard Wood Effect Finish - Dark Oak CL105
10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Fibre Cement Board ǀ Dark Oak CL105
  • BBA Certificate No. 06/4299
  • Life Expectancy: 50+ years
  • Low maintenance: wash with soap and water
  • Fire Rating: A2-s1, d0 limited combustibility
  • Fire performance: Class 0 and EN 13501-1
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  • Brand: Cedral®
  • Model: Lap - Dark Oak CL105
  • Dimensions: 3,600mm x 190mm x 10mm
  • SKU: Dark Oak CL105
  • Product code: P1-1931
  • MPN: Lap-CL105

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10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Weatherboard Dark Oak CL105 is a robust fibre-cement façade board fitted in traditional lapped style and with an attractive appeal of classic timber planks, ideal low maintenance, resistant to rot, insects and exposure to a range of weather conditions alternative to traditional timber.

Dark Oak CL105 Cedral Lap Cladding Boards with a wood effect finish are manufactured in 3600mm lengths by 190mm width and a market leading 10mm thickness which offers high levels of rigidity and durability.

Easy to install Cedral plank is an excellent solution for facades, window reveals and door openings.

Lap Cladding Board is resistant to sunlight, heat, humidity and stands up to the harshest weather conditions.

Each lap board requires a 30mm lap on installation giving a cover width of 160mm per board.  

Each board will cover 0.57m2, alternatively please allow 1.74 board per m2.

Vertical battens to be spaced a maximum of 600mm apart (reduce this in high wind-load areas).

Batten sizes for standard fixing: 50mm x 38mm.

Batten sizes for joints and corners: 75mm x 38mm.




Colour: Dark Oak CL105

Thickness: 10mm

Length: 3600mm

Width: 190mm

Coverage: 0.57m2

Density: 1300kg/m3

Boards per m2: 1.74

Weight: 11.2kg per board

Thermal conductivity: 0.212W/mK

Cover Width: 160mm (Overlap)

Finish: Woodgrain Factory Painted 

Life Expectancy: 50+ years

Fire Rating: A2-s1, d0 limited combustibility

Fire performance: Class 0 and EN 13501-1


Key Points:

 · Resistant to rot.

 · Resistant to fade.

 · Easy to install.

 · Can be recycled.

 · Factory applied colour.

 · Dimensionally very stable.

 · Low maintenance: wash with soap and water.

 · Immune to attack by pests and insects.

 · Resist exposure to a range of weather conditions.

 · Resistant to sunlight, heat and humidity.

 · Range of appropriate trims available.

 · Use in the same way as wood.

 · Class 0 and EN 13501-1 fire performance. 

 · Classified to A2-s1, d0 limited combustibility.

 · Ideal for facades and window and door surrounds.

 · A+ rating in the BRE’s Green Guide to Specification.

 · BBA Certificate No. 06/4299.


Installation Procedure:

 · Fix battens to wall (maximum of 600mm apart).

 · Attach perforated closure trims to top and bottom of battens.

 · Fix appropriate vertical Cedral lap profiles.

 · Fix horizontal Cedral aluminium starter profiles.

 · Cut to size and fix Cedral Lap planks.

 · Apply the corner options.

 · Finish and decorate with Cedral touch up paint.


Cutting Cedral Planks:

 · Handsaw - using this method requires a hardened point saw and is recommended for small amounts of cutting.

 · Guillotine - board can be cut with a specially manufactured guillotine.

 · Electric jigsaw - using this method cutting on the reverse will ensure a clean finish on the front of the plank.

 · Hand held circular saw with fibre-cement blades is ideal for cutting large quantities. 

 · A diamond-dusted blade used with a tungsten tipped blade of 36 teeth on a 180mm diameter blade.

 · Test cutting is recommended.


Finishing and Decoration:

 · Touch up paint is available in all colours of Cedral. 

 · Paint should be applied sparingly with a small brush, only where there is damage to paint or on cut edges.

 · For woodstain shades, lightly coat the cut edges with the touch up paint to protect against edge staining post installation.


Health and Safety:

 · Dust can be released while the sheets are being processed which can irritate airways and eyes. 

 · Long-term exposure to dust can be harmful to health. 

 · For more information, please refer to the safety data sheet which can be found in the technical section.


*Further information may be found in our Downloads section.

Fairly easy access to all PDF files.

Datasheet ǀ Declaration of Performance - DoP ǀ BBA Certificate ǀ Installation Guide ǀ Certificates ǀ Brochure ǀ SPEC Sheet

Board covarage 0.57 m2
Colour Dark Oak CL105
Density 1300kg/m3
Length 3600mm
Profile Square Cut
Thickness 10mm
Weight 11.2 kg
Width 190mm
BRE Green Guide Rating A+ rating
Coverage 0.57m2
Boards per m2 1.74
Fire performance Class 0 and EN 13501-1
Finish Wood Effect ǀ Looks like wood
Durability 50+ years
Applications Cladding ǀ Façade ǀ Exterior
BBA Certified Yes (no. 06/4299)
Fixing method Traditional lapped style
Features Timeless Façade ǀ Rigid ǀ Robust
Manufacturer Cedral®

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How thick is Cedral board?

Cedral boards come in two thickenesses.10 mm for Cedral Lap, 12 mm for Cedral Click.


What is Cedral Click?

Cedral click plank has a groove on one edge and a corresponding thin projecting ridge on the other (the tongue). When two planks are pushed together, the tongue ‘click’ into the groove along their length to give strong join with no need for glues- hence the name. The individual planks fit together almost seamlessly, making them perfect for plain wooden cladding.

Article: How to install Cedral Click Cladding


What’s the best? Click or Lap?

As a general rule, it’s a little easier to install Lap planks than Click. Click boards need to be fitted together and secured through the tongue, which can be tricky if you are not experienced with it. Lap system, on the other hand, just needs to be secured on the overlap and doesn’t need to fit together perfectly.

Article: Cedral cladding. Lap or Click?


What makes Cedral cladding boards strong?

Cedral cladding boards are made using “autoclave technology”. Planks are manufactured by applying intense heat and pressure to eliminate moisture from fibre cement meterial. This leads to composite consolidation and result in an extremely strong and robust fibre composite material.


How is Cedral board manufactured?

Cedral boards are manufactured using laboratory method simulating the ”Hatscheck Process”. The Hatsheck process consists the formation of thin “paper-like films that are placed one on the other until the desired sheet thickness is reached”.

Article: Fibre cement cladding technology


Do I need to consider climate when system is chosen?

As a general rule, Lap system is the better choice for a very rainy climate, as its overlapping planks shed water quite well. Click tongue and groove, on the other hand, can deteriorate in wet climates due to trapped water inside the interlocking connections.


What is Cedral Lap?

Cedral Lap panels overlap, while click panels interlock. Lap boards connects together similarly but each plank has an added overlap at the bottom when laid horizontally giving a repeating step.

Article: How to install Cedral Lap Cladding


How many boards will I need to cover 1m2?

Click system- each Click board will cover 167mm giving a cover width of 0.59m2 per board. It is recommended to allow 1.64 boards per m2. You will require 2 boards to cover 1.19m2.
Lap system- each board covers 0.57m2. You will require 2 boards to cover 1.14m2

What Cedral boards are made of?

Cedral cladding boards are made of:

Portland Cement – binds all the ingredients
Cellulose fibres – sourced from sustainable reserves, act as filter fibres​
Synthetic fibres – used as reinforcing fibres​
Sand – used for its resilience and weather performance
​Water – brings it all together and activates the hardening process of the cement ​

Article: Fibre cement cladding technology


Do Cedral boards crack or swell?
Fibre cement doesn’t crack, swell or warp like wood. In fact, product offers up to three times more dimensional stability than wood.


What size is Cedral cladding?

Cedral Click boards are manufactured in 3600mm lengths by 186mm width and 12mm thickness.
Cedral Lap boards are manufactured in 3600mm lengths by 190mm width and 10mm thickness.

How long is Cedral board?

All Cedral weatherboards are 3,6m long.

Does Cedral cladding need repainting?

No, Cedral does not change colour. No re-painting is required.  


How to apply Cedral touch up paint?

Touch up paint is supplied in small 500ml cans. Thoroughly mix the can of paint to properly blend all the pigments and binders. Never thin the paint.

Article: Weatherboard Touch Up Paint for Cedral

Are Cedral boards coloured throu?

No, they're not coloured throu. As you would expect from fibre cement boards Cedral panels are made of cement, cellulose, sand, synthetic fibres although any additional paint pigment could only weaken its structure.


What Cedral paint base is it?

The Cedral touch up paint is an acrylic base paint.


When can Cedral paint not be used?

The manufacturer does not recommend using this paint for large-area applications. 


Do I need just one tin for the whole project?

In 95% cases yes, however if you are not careful during installation you may need to buy a second tin.


Is it good idea to mix colors with Cedral boards?

Newer architectural styles can benefit from more than two colours. By adding a second colour, you can make your home more visually appealing.

Can Cedral weatherboard be repainted?

Prior to painting you will need to clean and preps the surface and use appropriate primer. You should contact technical department first.

What are Cedral® cladding cost per square metre?

Date: April/2022

According to our current Cedral price list average Cedral costs are £43,29 (ex VAT) per metre squared for Cedral Lap and £59,12 (ex VAT) per metre squared for Cedral Click (excluding trims and accessories).

How much does average Cedral cladding cost?

Date: April/2022

Depending on the system, average Cedral cladding may vary from £4000 to £7700. This includes material but no labour costs.


What are the Cedral installation cost?
If you would like an expert to install it for you would be looking for another £4900 on the top of materials price.

Article: How much is Cedral cladding per square Metre?


Where can I buy Cedral?

Cedral is distributed through stockists. Any pricing should be checked with the nearest Cedral stockists. Costs of Cedral boards may vary depending on the supplier.
Article: Cedral cladding installers


Is Cedral cladding an expensive?

Date: April/2022

Average Cedral cladding cost comes in at around £43 per m².


Is it worth buying Cedral cladding?

Products manufactured under the brand Cedral, has many advantages that you must be sure to read before purchasing. You can find it all here

What color Cedral comes with?

The Cedral boards are available in all 21 standard painted finishes and also the 2 wood stain finishes.


What are the Cedral color tones?

Cedral’s colour range is classified by tone, helping you choose the right colours for your project.


Where can I get Cedral samples? 

Once you’ve found your favourite colour you can request a sample or view a selection here

Article: Cedral Colour Chart


What are the tips to keep Cedral cladding always clean?

When it comes to keeping boards clean, the best way to do this is by simply making cladding cleaning a regular part of your home maintenance routine. An annual cleaning can help prolong the life of cladding.

Article: How to clean fibre cement cladding?


When is the best day to clean cladding?

It is best to wait for a warm, dry day. Do not try to wash on a windy day.


How to cut Cedral cladding boards?

There are actually 6 different ways for cutting Cedral Weatherboard.
1. Cedral board cut by Handsaw
2. Guillotine
3. Electric jigsaw 
4. Circular saw
5. Angle grinder
6. Cedral cut with Mitre Saw

Article: How to cut cladding boards?


Can I cut Cedral board with a utility knife?

This type of cladding is difficult to cut. If you cut Cedral fibre cement board with a utility knife it will take you forever.


Do I need to clean Cedral boards after cutting?

Yes, always make sure that after cutting you wipe away dust with a clean, dry cloth.


How do I make holes in Cedral boards?

Simply equip a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade. To start the saw in fibre-cement board, drill a hole through the Cedral cladding board large enough for the jigsaw blade.


Can I cut 12mm Cedral click board with Guillotine?

No, Guillotine will only work for square cuts. In this case that will be our 10mm Cedral Lap board.


Do I need to follow any rules when cutting Cedral boards?

If you decided to use handsaw as a main tool to cut your Cedral boards you should follow 4 simple rules.
Rule 1. Don’t try to cut to fast!!
Rule 2. Holding it down firmly.
Rule 3. Test cutting is recommended.
Rule 4. Measure twice, cut once.

Article: How to cut cladding boards?


Are Cedral boards fire proof?

Cedral products are Class 0 and EN 13501-1 fire performance classified to A2-s1, d0 which is one of the best classification ratings that can be achieved. Being near a source of open fire, the siding does not melt. There is also no release of hazardous substances. This characteristic indicates a high fire safety and practicality of the material.


Is Cedral cladding fire rated?

Cedral sidings are weatherboards made of fibre cement with an excellent fire-resistance rating of A2-s1, d0. This means they are non-flammable, so in the event of a fire they will barely generate any smoke and will not spread fire.


How do I join Cedral cladding?

Where possible use finished edges where joint between the planks is required. Waterproof strips must be used to weatherproof battens behind joints. Position both planks into place over the waterproof strip loosely working two end together. Screw both planks into place. Two planks can be joined on one single click clip.


Can I nail Cedral cladding?

Yes, Cedral Lap can be nailed with Stainless Steel nails.


Can Cedral Click be fitted vertically?

Yes, both methods are possible.


How much lap do I need for Cedral cladding?

Screw Cedral Lap to the batten with an overlap of 30mm. The ingress of liquid under the cladding is excluded due to the fact that the joints of the panels overlap by quarters.


What is Cedral board in terms of accoustic performance?

With the use of fiber cement siding you will not encounter loud noise that occurs during strong gusts of wind, rain or hail.

How long is Cedral warranty?

The manufacturer provides a warranty not only for the products, but also for their coloring for a period of 10 years. The manufacturer claims that the product retains all the declared characteristics for 50 years.


How long does Cedral cladding last?

You can expect a typical lifespan of at least 50 years.


Is Cedral board environmentally friendly?

It is an environmentally friendly material, safe for the health of people, animals and the environment. There are no harmful impurities in the products.


What is Cedral like in terms of outside temperatures?

The temperature range maintained by the cladding varies from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.


Cedral cladding maintenance?

According to manufacturer guidelines "Cedral can be cleaned with a solution of clean water with 10% white vinegar added. For light soiling, cleaning with soft household detergent or slightly soapy water, followed by rinsing with clean water is sufficient"


How good is Cedral cladding?

Cedral cladding has the visual appeal of natural timber and is resistant to rot, low maintenance, does not warp or expand, immune to attack by pests and insects, stands up to the harshest weather conditions.


Is fibre cement cladding waterproof?

Fibre cement cladding is water-resistant in that is not affected by exposure to water and won’t disintegrate.


Is Cedral cladding any good?

Yes, the main feature of the Cedral cladding materials is that it does not change the shape and size under the action of temperature. As a result, the durability index increases and the deterioration of products decreases. The panels will not become a breeding ground for fungus, mold, rot and various harmful microorganisms. Also facing is not afraid of direct sunlight (ultraviolet radiation).

Is Cedral cladding weatherproof?

Due to its excellent resistance to moisture, the material is not afraid of the negative effects of heavy rainfall and increased dampness.

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10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Weatherboard Wood Effect Finish - Dark Oak CL105
10mm Cedral Lap Cladding Fibre Cement Board ǀ Dark Oak CL105
£ 52.28